Photographing Atlanta Rentals

The savvy owners of this gorgeous midtown condo wanted photographs of their home before it became a rental.  They had lovingly cared for the home and were unsure about when they were going to actually put it up for sale.   It looked its best right now and photographs needed to be taken today.

Enjoy the photos, it's already rented!

Liz Lopez Photography

Rancho Mirage Homes For Sale - Off Tamarisk Lane - 70880 Windsor Circle, $1,995,000.

Built in 1963, this fantastic mid century modern home is located just off Tamarisk Ln. in Rancho Mirage. The architecture and design is stunning with floor to ceiling glass, flat roof, and clean lines.

Virtually every room opens to the outside, blurring the separation of the outdoors from the indoors.

Two pools and a loggia create a beautiful outdoor space in the walled & gated desert gardens.

You should see this home for three reasons: mid century modern architecture, walled & gated property, and tasteful finishes.

You should contact me to represent you for at least three reasons: strategic negotiation, knowledge of the market and neighborhood, and quality customer service. 760.902.3121

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 4.25 baths
  • 4,600 square feet
  • 15,246 square feet lot
  • built in 1963

Russell Hill
HOM-Sotheby's International Realty

Listed with David Kibbey, Windermere Real Estate

Absorb of Real Estate Investment

There are so many details to learn about real estate investing. Getting into real estate investing can be a creepy thinking these days. However, if you do your research, get the right neighborhood, and choose what your real estate investing plan will be, investing in real estate can be a very gainful escapade.

Customers are terrified to take the thrust these days, but training and education will ease those fears. The below 3 Real Estate Tips that will help you continue with irrefutable achievement:

1) Education - A real estate mentor or coach is a necessity. Before receiving into the real estate game you must instruct manually. You will do manually a huge inequality if you do not recognize the tactic behind investing. Get yourself a great real estate Investing coach or Real Estate Investing mentor.

2) Research - This is where your policies are industrial. Your coach or adviser can help you in researching assets, the right areas to purchase, the relative payment in the area, the cash flow probable, and so much more. This approaching will help you in setting mutually a more profitable deal.

3) Quality not Quantity - Another benefit of a guide or a trainer is to teach the dissimilarity between import 7 houses at the market price because they are move-in prepared and import 3 houses that may require rehab, but have thousands of dollars in equity.

3 weeks to sell Brookwood Hills home in Buckhead

I received an email from home owner, Leo Welf in mid October.  He had been searching  for an Atlanta based real estate photographer to photograph his home.

He owned a beautiful updated Brookwood Hills home and wanted it to show that way in listing photos.  He knew the impact listing  photos can make. He also knew that the buyer's first impression (photographs) was vitally important to getting the home viewed (clicks) and shown.  Almost 90% of home buyers start their search on the internet and it's there where the buyers are shopping.  

I photographed his home in late-mid October and the home was sold by Nov. 12th.  So what did he do to get it sold? Keep reading!

Here's a quick run-down.

1. Hired a Real Estate Photographer - Leo hired a photographer who specializes in 
Real Estate Photography - Me.  He saw my website and really liked my work and the services I offered. His house had some customized and updated features and he wanted to make sure he had the best photos possible.

2. The Virtual Tour was a big part of his marketing plan - A virtual tour needs to be more than a slideshow.  Buyers want info about schools, shopping, local hangouts, etc.  My virtual tours include this info,  are mobile ready, have extra large photos, captions, floor plans, agent info, email, and is easily accessed in one place. Buyers could even email him from the tour.  Check out Leo's virtual tour here.  The virtual tour that I use have their own web address.  

                                 Flyer 1
3.Created a flyer with impact - Keep it simple.  One borderless page, with 1 to 3 photos should do the job.  The flyer I designed has lots of impact and directs them to the virtual tour.  I designed two flyers but Flyer 1 made the cut.

                            Flyer 2

4. Attached the virtual tours URL to the For Sale sign - An easy to remember virtual tour link was hung on the for sale sign. Leo used and simply redirected the original linkWhen someone drives by they can easily view the photographs and access the home's info just by entering the web address.  I checked the virtual tour stats and Leo's tour was viewed almost 400 times in the first 3 weeks. 

Hope I've given you some real estate marketing ideas for 2013.  Shoot me an email with any questions, I'd love to help you.

Liz Lopez Photography

Three Points of Flourishing Real Estate Investing

As the potential of the housing market shakes on its affiliation, depositor tries to resolve their next giant budge. Now, distinct any time in the last more than a few years, that choice is a tough one to build. Sinking house costs, towering foreclosures and growing list residences on the market may be sufficient to prevent depositors from luring out their amount. The altering souk, yet, does not of necessity mean it's time to skip distribute. On the other hand, it does require the shareholder pay nearer thought to his or her next payment. The subsequent are some points that can decrease the peril of investing through these difficult periods.

To avoid the non flourishing real estate investing Marko Rubel gives three tips. He is a lively investor in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas, as well as other spots of the country through his students and partners.

Disburse Near thought to the souk:

when purchasing for investment assets, make sure what further local houses are vending for. Apart from of what each one is important you about your vision investment take a look at the assets and evaluate it to other houses in the area. This will say to you the true worth of the assets recovered than any real estate agent or economical statistics. This rule is the same when in view of payment assets. If you are seem to supply in rentals, do some purchasing more or less. Stumble on what the normal payment is in the area for a place similar to what you are allowing for getting. In order for your payment to be successful, rent in the area should be logically charged. If it is too soar, tenants will be more fitting to purchase a residence.

Does What You perform most excellent:

As a substitute, particularly if you are a trainee real estate depositor; concentrate your liveliness on investments you are well-known with. Mayhap you contain always allowed an attention in mender-higher and have finished some refashioning of your possess. If this is the case, you will sense more relaxed spending in a residence of this environment.

Be ready for good real Estate investing:

Real estate investing can arrive through a lot of revelations, particularly on the economical end of effects. Before you spend in belongings, confirm you wholly recognize the economical statements. You must be able to repeat the reports and make clear them in without knowledge in real estate investing to anyone. You no need to be amazed with working expenses, situation expenses, or dues. By meaningful and accepting the economical end of belongings, you can top off bad savings.