Dubai Freehold Property

Dubai was the first emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to get involved in freehold real estate at a time when the buying and selling of property in Dubai was previously restricted to GCC Nationals. The creation of freehold property laws had now allowed expatriates to purchase properties within certain developments which have led to an influx of investment in Dubai. Moreover, it has propelled the growth rates of the entire country to extremely high levels.

The purchase of freehold property in Dubai means that the property is put in the owner's name for life in most cases, with a few developments offering 99-year leases as an alternative. Owners are issued with a contract for their purchased property and, as with buying property in any other country, it is important to read all the details as restrictions may exist concerning renting and maintenance costs. So it is recommended that any Dubai property investors use legal services when making such an important decision. The creation of this law has attracted many foreign investors all over the world. It feels great to have a property in foreign country on your own name. Moreover Dubai is famous for its spectacular architecture and lavish atmosphere. You can buy a freehold property and live in a lavish house at affordable prices.

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Commercial Property in Dubai

In the past few years, Dubai has become the international hub for commercial property. The first reason for this is that Dubai is progressively becoming the most luxurious and most desired holiday destination. Another important reason for this is that the laws in Dubai allow freehold ownership of property by any foreigner.

With the Palm Dubai project and numerous smaller international projects growing everyday, the real estate in Dubai is booming and making commercially a viable place. There are many commercial properties in Dubai. The world’s leading brands, chain stores and business organizations have already booked spaces there. So if you want to stay ahead of your competitors or want to make an investment, buying property in Dubai is the best option. Some of the most promising commercial properties of Dubai are as good as and even better than the other parts of the world. Here are a few commercial projects of Dubai to give you the feel:

• The spectacular 19 storey office tower called the Haz Tower. The tower has innovative architecture and beautiful views. It is a good place to make the base of a multinational company.

• XL Towers is a modern elegant building situated near Business Bay. XL Tower is equipped with parking on 5 levels- 3 podium & 2 basements with 24-hr security, high speed internet and every other amenity needed for running an office.

• Capital bay comprises of twin towers of 19 storey’s each right in the heart of Business Bay.

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More reasons to buy property in Dubai

The current economic slowdown is affecting many countries across the globe; it is getting more and more difficult to identify a good potential investment. However a property investment in Dubai is of a great benefit. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why one should invest in property in Dubai:

- Increase in foreign residents: Dubai has evolved into a major financial player over the last couple of years and because of it many foreign nationals have shifted to Dubai. Many of these visitors are often cash rich, and are looking for rental homes.

- The Tourism industry: Dubai is considered as a hot tourist spot. Every year there are millions of people who visit Dubai and are expected to rise in coming years. This will automatically increase the demand for rentals in Dubai. Hence property investment seems to be reasonable.

- High Potential return on Investment: Prices for property in Dubai are insanely low and it is possible to make a reasonable profit on property investment at the present time. Currently the Dubai property market is down and it is possible to identify and purchase homes at very affordable prices.

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The best Places to Own Apartment in Dubai

Apartments are something that is quite abundant on the Dubai property market. If investors are looking for apartments in Dubai, they can now have a lot of choice in design, size and location. Apartments in Dubai are always the top choice amongst property buyers as it is more viable investment option where you can get excellent facilities at reasonable prices. The following are the most favorable locations to buy an apartment:

Down Town Dubai- This is perhaps one of the most convenient locations to buy. Located right in the middle of the city, it consists of a number of different sub-developments that surround the Burj Dubai Tower and a man-made lake. There is variety of high-rise, low-rise, modest and super luxury apartments, for an investor to choose.

Dubai Marina - is one of the first top places to own an apartment. Dubai Marina has grown to include several different projects by a multitude of different property developers. Here apartments are available on all price levels, and is best for those who are just looking for a small piece of property in Dubai.

Business Bay - This is another project where residents can benefit from the great location, as it is adjacent to Downtown Dubai. It is designed to combine residential and commercial space at the heart of Dubai’s business district. Business Bay will offer buyers some great apartments to choose from with affordable prices.

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