Dubai Villas For Exclusive Living

If you have dreamt of staying in a house that offers superlative experiences then now is the time to make your dream come true. Finding a good property in Dubai is little difficult but assistance from a right Dubai property agent will bring you to your perfect home. You need to make a clear picture in your mind about what you are looking for and accordingly begin your search.

First of all a house has to be spacious and well furnished. It should have world class recreation and waterfront amenities. How about having a lake and unconventional landscape park! When you will walk down in you own park cool breeze will soothe your senses. Open beach, buzzing city and world class marina basin all are just near by you. On ground floor you will have a kitchen, dining area, living room, family room, guest suit, maid’s room, store room and two garages. On the first floor you will have a master bed room with balcony along with two other bedrooms. You will be offered various finishes and you can choose the one that you want. If this is what you want then mistral villa in Marina Residence is waiting for you.

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Dubai Property Has Better Prospect

Investment in Dubai real estate has always interested people around the world. Dubai has the privilege of being one of the important real estate hubs of the world. No other city has experienced the fruits of growth and development as fast as Dubai has done. The city is rapidly advancing in all the domains and thus has become one of the favourite venues for property investors.

Dubai is always occupied in building new constructions to facilitate its residents. Complexes, offices, hotels, parks and all the other amenities are found everywhere in Dubai. More than 1/3 of the cranes from around the worlds are used in Dubai, this clearly indicates that a plenty of projects are underway in this developing city. It is not a difficult task to find spectacular architectures with luxurious living in this city. Many have the assumption that property in Dubai is sold with higher rates because of the lavish atmosphere it offers. But let me clarify that property rates in Dubai are quite affordable. You can easily make an investment in real estate in Dubai. There are many cities in the world which offer luxurious living but can not provide it with competitive prices. Dubai is the only city where even profuse property can be purchased with reasonable amount.

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Dubai: The Safe City

Peace of mind and safety is what every one of us crave for. Who will buy a home with all the luxurious facilities but does not give assurance of safety? Such homes will never let you spend your life peacefully. But a house in Dubai will give you safety at any cost. Making investment in Dubai is a smart way to enjoy a peaceful and secured life.

Cosmopolitan environment in Dubai makes everyone feel at home. People belonging to various cultures and nations have blended very well. This has made Dubai one of the favourite investment destinations for foreigners. The legal system in the city is very well planned which gives higher protection to everyone living in Dubai. Along with that the city has very low crime rate which makes it one of the safest city in the world. Special precautions are taken to give higher safety to women and children. It is really difficult to make a city safe and secured but Dubai has been able to achieve this difficult goal. Safety measures in Dubai have attracted many foreigners to buy properties in Dubai. The city offers luxury, entertainments, safety, latest infrastructures, world best monuments and much more at affordable prices. Hence apartments in Dubai are worth buying.

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Clear Your Doubts Before Buying Dubai Property

A lot of local and foreign investors are purchasing new apartments in Dubai. Many other want to grab this opportunity of buying lavish homes with affordable prices. But when we think of investments there are certain doubts which need to be clarified. This blog is a step towards clearing doubts with regard to buying property in Dubai. Below mentioned are answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

1. Residency in Dubai: most of the foreign investors have this confusion that will they get residency in Dubai if they buy a home there. In accordance with the latest immigration regulations freehold property owners and their families can apply for resident visa in Dubai.

2. Property Tax: how much extra fees will there be to pay on top of the purchase price. To everyone’s surprise there is no property tax to be paid in Dubai. Dubai is a tax free country.

3. How to make payment: foreigners often find it difficult to make payments. You have to make your payments in UAE Dirhams. Foreign currency can be easily exchanged in Dubai.

4. Financial assistance: those of you who want to know about the availability of finance to buy properties in Dubai should feel stress free. Because finance is available from 50% to 70% for non residents.

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